STEAM Workshops


What are STEAM Workshops?

DigiWiz STEAM workshops aim to enhance young people’s critical thinking, creativity, and social skills through the use of STEAM projects. The workshops offer an insight into what is involved within STEAM fields so young people get a first-hand view of what future careers may entail. By getting this insight, it gets young people thinking about which paths they may like to take when deciding on future careers.

Workshop Development

The workshops also aim to inspire the creative, inventive and imaginative aspects of an individual and enhance the learning experience of those who prefer to learn visually (spatial) and physical (kinesthetic) by giving them the tools to learn in a way that is more suited to them which should help them tap into their strengths.

How long are the workshops?

Digiwiz provides easy step by step Youtube tutorials videos to guide young people through the process of creating their very own STEAM Kit. The videos assist young people through the instruction manual sheet and will enable them to work at their own pace; allowing them to play, pause and replay to their needs. Workshops take between one to one and half hours to complete depending on the STEAM Kit. DigiWiz will also offer online support to all young people that participated in any of the modules on the Q&A section of the DigiWiz Website where a DigiWiz mentor will answer questions and will offer support to young people regarding issues or questions they may have had with the module they participated in.

Examples of the STEAM workshops include:

Examples of the STEAM workshops include Robot building, Homemade Circuit Projects, Battery Alternative Science, Art and Crafts, Electronic Invention kits etc.

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