Digital Technology Workshops

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Digital Technology Workshops

What are Digital Technology Workshops?

The overall aim of the Digital Technology workshops is to show young people how the digital world works in a constructive way and how it can be used for more than social media and video games. These workshops which take approx. 1.5 hours to complete will harness the interest and passion young people have for Digital Technology and turn that optimism into a productive learning view of how to use Digital Technology within their formal and informal education.

The modules will all have a carefully written step by step guide that can be left with the young people so they can bring it home with them after the module has finished.

Online Support

DigiWiz will also offer online support to all young people that participated in any of the modules on the Q&A section of the DigiWiz Website where a DigiWiz mentor will answer questions and will offer support to young people regarding issues or questions they may have had with the module they participated in.

Examples of the Digital Technology workshops include Video editing, Coding, Photography, Virtual Reality and Sound Production.

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Work or Partner with DigiWiz

@ DigiWiz we have worked with some big companies throughout Ireland and the UK through their social responsibility programs along with that we have worked with educational bodies to help them develop STEM Hubs and STEM Clubs. If your organisation or company would like to partner or work with us on a social or private project please contact us today for more information.