Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Protect your mental health and physical wellbeing

We see young people these days as tech-savvy but that does not mean they are safe online. The internet can be a scary and dangerous place when we are targeted by somebody with poor intentions. Whether it’s gaming, social media or surfing the web, the age of Internet users is dropping annually which unfortunately makes more and more young people vulnerable to attacks on their mental health and physical wellbeing. The fact is many adults have proved to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks so how can we expect young people to be better? Well, the answer is we teach them how to protect both their mental health and physical wellbeing while they are online. AS we all work either on a one to one or in group settings with young people, we feel we have an opportunity to educate young people and their parents on how to become less vulnerable online.

What should you do?

If you find yourself getting upset or have seen something upsetting, always report to a parent or someone you trust.

What we’ll be teaching?

During this Internet Safety Workshop, our (CPD) Certified Internet Safety Workshop mentor will speak to young people & parents (optional) about such things as:

How to keep your online identity secret.
Don’t tell anyone your real name and address or where you live.
Your username and password belong to you.
Make sure your password is strong.
Never post personal information online.
Never download or install anything from untrusted sources.
Know how to report posts.
Never meet anyone in person you’ve only met online.
How to check your privacy settings.
Click links with caution

The above examples are just some issues we speak about in this workshop. We also encourage young people to get involved by rolling out scenarios along with encouraging questions throughout the workshop. Young people are provided with literature which they can take home with them. Please click here to book an internet safety workshop or please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have about the workshop by clicking here.

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