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Digiwiz Workshops

The DigiWiz solution is to offer Digital Technology & STEAM sessions to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Youth Clubs, Youth Projects, After School projects, Birthday Parties & Summer Camps.

DigiWiz Workshops

DigiWiz 3D Pen Workshop

The DigiWiz 3D Pen Design Workshop allows young people to create their very own 3D projects. Aimed at ages 6 years and up there is a range of stencils that young people can choose from our stencil list that suits the capabilities of all age groups. Some examples include, Mickey Mouse, The Eiffel Tower, Glasses, Butterflies, Houses etc. The pen is part of an innovative technology to build creative and practical projects. It helps students to train themselves in problem solving, critical thinking capabilities and designing prototypes to analyse and enhance upon. DigiWiz are the first and only service running 3D pen workshops throughout Ireland & the UK.

DigiWiz Robot Building Workshop

The DigiWiz Robot Building workshops incorporate a range of concepts within STEM education. Totally different from what is been taught in the current one size fits all education curriculum, the DigiWiz Robot Building workshops allows young people to explore such concepts as, Gears & Motors, Pulley Systems, Alternative Power, Magnetic Concepts, Engineering Concepts, Hydraulics and more. By following a step by step guide a young person can build their very own robot and learn in a style that is more suited to them. Extremely proactive for those who prefer a Visual, Physical and Logical learning style along with those young people who have learning difficulties. The Kits have a range of different age ratings starting from 6 years of age and up. Currently DigiWiz has released 21 Kits with access to over 120 in total.

DigiWiz Virtual Reality

The DigiWiz VR workshop allows students swim the sharks, go sky diving, visit the Colosseum, learn about human body anatomy and much more. The possibilities are endless. Virtual reality technology has the potential to greatly enhance collaboration between teachers and students, both in distance learning and classroom-based teaching. Research shows that virtual and augmented reality simulations increase student motivation and improve collaboration and knowledge construction.

DigiWiz Internet Safety Workshop

The DigiWiz Internet Safety workshop is based around a range of topics that consist of constant threats but also up to date trending dangers that are occurring. We run workshops for young people by day and for parents in the evening. All our workshops are carried out by fully CPD trained and vetted Internet Safety DigiWiz mentors. Schools are sent a list of the topics that are discussed in advance, so parents are informed on what is coming up during the workshops before the children take part. After each session both young people and parents get a DigiWiz “I will Pledge” which lists a range of good guideline practices on how to stay safe while online. Examples of topics discussed during the workshop includes
Vulnerability / Online risks /Exposure to risks / Webcams (Ratting Virus)/Cyberbullying / Gaming & gaming effects on health / Sexting/ What is trolling? /Pictures last for Life

DigiWiz Coding

Coding combines mathematics, logic and algorithms and teaches young people a new way to think about the world. It is so important for the future that it is literally becoming a universal language. Coding is for anybody of any age and lets them express themselves. One of sessions teaching the basics of coding or a combination of workshops over a few weeks can be availed of to further gain knowledge within the coding world.

DigiWiz are proud to sponsor local teams

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