Drug & Alcohol Awareness Workshops. (Around the Harmful Effects of Drug & Alcohol Misuse) run by experienced facilitators are a great opportunity for pupils to discuss and learn the truth about drugs and alcohol. Including what they are, how they work and why people become addicted and such a young age.

We can offer our Workshops through Zoom either on a Big Screen in the Classroom or in the Pupils  home through Zoom again. The links for these workshops would be sent directly to the parent’s email accounts in advance of the workshops taking place.


These Drug & Alcohol Workshops Come as a 2-speaker package. We start with Pamela and she speaks about her experiences around Drug and Alcohol Misuse and the road she took in addiction as a teenager. The effects and consequences of her Drug and Alcohol Misuse and her journey into recovery.


After this talk Gerard a fully Qualified Addiction Counsellor speaks about the dangers of Drug & Alcohol Misuse. The tools that can be used to help young people avoid certain situations and the supports available to young people struggling with Drug & Alcohol misuse.


Addiction Counsellor (Gerard Lowe)

About Gerard

MACI Accredited (Member Addiction Counsellors of Ireland)

20 + Years’ Experience of working with young people affected by Drug/Alcohol Misuse

Has been working with teenagers affected by Drug & Alcohol Misuse through the KDYS (Kerry Diocesan Youth Service) for the past 14 Years.

Part of the Team in The Grove Addiction Treatment Centre Kerry


  • Introduction about himself
  • Facts around Drugs & Alcohol
  • Why Young People use Drugs & Alcohol (Low Self Esteem/Anxiety/Peer Pressure)
  • Legal & Illegal Drugs (Prescription Drugs/Class A, B, C)
  • Tools young people can use to avoid Drug & Alcohol Use
  • Services & Supports for Young People
  • Questions & Answers
  • Quiz for Homework


Parents Workshops


Guest Speaker: Pam


  • Introduction about herself
  • Speaks to parents about her own Journey as a young person and paths she took into Adulthood
  • How she copes as a mother of 5 children
  • Setting & Holding Boundaries
  • Questions and Answers



Addiction Councillor (Gerard Lowe)


  • Introduction about himself
  • How parents enable young people to use Drugs & Alcohol
  • Signs and Symptoms of Drug & Alcohol Misuse
  • How to approach a Young Person around Drug & Alcohol Misuse
  • Services & Supports for Parents & Young People
  • Questions and Answers


For a full list of Packages & Prices please get in touch.