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About Us

What are DigiWiz workshops?

The DigiWiz solution is to offer Digital Technology & STEAM sessions to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Youth Clubs, Youth Projects, After School projects, Birthday Parties & Summer Camps.

DigiWiz is aware of the time and money that is invested when groups must travel to offsite locations to avail of a service, so our solution to this problem is to send our fully trained & Garda vetted mentor directly to you.

Our Aims

DigiWiz aims to harness all the interest and passion young people have for Digital Technology and turn that optimism into a productive learning view of how to use Digital Technology within their formal and informal education.

DigiWiz aims to give those young people that prefer to learn visually (spatial) and physical (kinaesthetic) a great chance to learn in a way that is more suited to them which should help them tap into their strengths.

Learn how the digital world works in a constructive way and how it can be used for more than social media and video games.

Sponsor School & Youth Projects

If you are a Local, National or International Business and are interested in supporting your Community in developing the STEAM & Digital Technology needs of young people we would love to talk with you. There are also many ways to help your community by sponsoring schools & youth projects to avail of our workshops and packages. Speak with a member of the DigiWiz team who will be happy to fill you in with all of the details.

Work or Partner with DigiWiz

If you are a Youth Project or Youth Organisation interested in working or partnering with DigiWiz then we would love to hear from you. If you would like to talk about hiring us for contract work or would like to create a hub within your project please feel free to contact us.

DigiWiz are proud to sponsor local teams

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