Summer Camps

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    DigiWiz are happy to announce that we plan to run a three-day STEAM Summer Camp in Newcastle West and Tralee in July.

    Digiwiz Summer Camps

    The DigiWiz Summer Camp dates and location are below:

    Newcastle West:  Desmond Complex, Gortboy  5th to 7th July

    Tralee:  DigiWiz Building, 19 Ashe St, Tralee  12th to 14th July

    Ballyheigue:  Family Resource Centre   19th to 21st July

    Cost for the three days is €60. (Discount for siblings)

    Day 2

    3D Pen: Young people will get their own pen to create a 3D design. Design a car, create the Eiffel Tower, build a house, etc. There are no limits to what these pens can do. Young people can come up with their own design or use our stencils which have hundreds of ideas and designs. The young person can bring home their completed project.

    Virtual Reality: Play 3D games, explore haunted houses along with different worlds and experience the age of 3D technology. Young people get their own VR headset which will attach to one of our smartphones. The smartphones are preloaded with loads of 3D technology and Virtual Reality apps to explore.

    Space Are Limited So Booking is Essential

    If you have a young person that is eager and excited to learn more about the STEAM disciplines, a robotic summer camp just might be right up their alley.

    The sense of achievement your child will gain through completing the camp's challenges and projects will help foster a love of STEAM topics, and show that Science, Thechnology, Engineering, Arts and Maths subjects can be both fun and interesting. Everything that is created on the day will be taken home.

    The camp contains three workshops. Young people will be divided up into appropriate age groups.

    Day 1

    Robot Building: using a 3v motor, battery strap, battery and a range of art and  crafts materials. The general idea is to give young people a basic insight to robot building technology including alternative power, electrical circuits, gears and motors. Each young will build their own robot and take it home.

    Exploring Micro Bits: older groups. Using tiny handheld programmable computers that can create musical instruments and robots, among others.

    Dog Pom Pom Kits: younger groups - create a fluffy puppy of your very own with a real furry effect! Our Dog Pom Pom Kits are so adorable and loads of fun to make. We have lots of arts and crafts to choose from.


    Day 3

    Wooden Planter Box Kits: Add a burst of flavour to your makes with these cute kits that are easy to create! Green fingered artists can get growing this spring with these wonderful planter box kits. Simply slot the plain wooden pieces together and start decorating! Get out your paints, paint pens, glitter and stickers to design a beautiful artsy motif, a lovely picture, or a fun message. Once you're happy with your make, place your plant, herb, or flowerpot inside - put them in a sunny place and watch them them grow! Build, paint, plant and grow! 



    For further information or for bookings on our Summer Camps; please ring Linda 066 7127986 or email